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Shawnee Mtn.

Shawnee Mtn.


Timeless & Regal

A classic Old World appearance coupled with various size ranges & geologies. The texture & shapes of Squared Stone lends itself to a medium for a gifted stone mason to produce truly exquisite artistry.

There are 15 stone styles in this category: Hudson, Lancaster, Rio Verde, Statesville, Chardonnay, Shawnee Mtn. Splitface, Katavah, Old Prairie, Shawnee Mtn., Yukon Range, Chestertown, Blue Ridge, Iroquois, Portsmouth and Pennington.


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Enduring & Casual

Fieldstone selections include unique stones with earth tones, random shapes and textures suitable for any variety of application yielding breathtaking results.

There are 11 stone styles in this category: Lenape, River Bend Split, River Bend, Buckridge, Lancaster, Shawnee Mtn., Old Prairie, Chestertown, Yukon Range, Chambersburg and Walnut.


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Unique & Natural

A range of textures perpetuating unlimited possibilities in design, Rustic Ledgestone offers a myriad of colors, producing an age-old rustic feel for those who appreciate nature’s offerings.

There are 14 stone styles in this category: Steel Mill, Iron Ore, Old Barn, Butternut, Shawnee Mtn., Amberwood, Grist Mill, Golden Porter, Blue Ridge, Chardonnay, Susquehanna, Olcott, Hillshire and Alcove.


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Old Charleston

Old Charleston


Warm & Inviting

Split by hand, Hand Select provides a cost-effective product where natural stone’s unique characteristics are desired. Corners are now available, providing versatility in design to any project.

There are 4 stone styles in this category:
Old Charleston, Alpine Hill, Falcon Ridge and Country Cottage.


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Stability & Strength

Intended to depict the age-old solid stone wall, Squared Ledgers offer the appearance of time standing still. Stones placed in a structure that enhances stability & form, while inviting copious enduring compliments from today’s detailed stone historians.

There are 4 stone styles in this category: Anthropologie, Chateau, Great Falls and Tulum.


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Squared corner and flat

Squared corner and flat


Finishing Touch

Natural Stone Solutions offers unique accessories to add a finishing touch to any Natural Stone Solutions project.


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